Welcome to the HDSP LAB.


The HDSP laboratory performs research in the areas of image processing, deep learning and pattern recognition. Recently, efforts have been made to understand the working models of deep learning and to develop logical DNN structures. Application areas include DCN-based super-resolution, evolutionary DNN and knowledge-based DNN.

Deep Learning

Pattern Recognition

Image/Video Processing

Quality Assessment

2020.~ 학습 패턴 이해 및 지식 축적 기능을 갖는 진화하는 기계 학습.

2018.~ 외부 지식 기반 guided 기계 학습 방법.


신입생 모집

Automated CNN-Based Tooth Segmentation in Cone-beam CT for Dental Implant Planning," IEEE Access. 2020.


We are now hiring MS, PhD, Combined MS/PhD students!

50, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Yonsei University, Engineering Hall 3, C529

Tel : 02-2123-7714

Name: Jiho Yoon 

(Combined MS/PhD 8th semester.)

Email: yjiho@yonsei.ac.kr

HDSP​ LAB. High Dimensional Signal Processing Lab.